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About Ferguson Agency, LLC

Ferguson Agency was started by John and Ruth Ferguson in 1956 at their family farm in rural Ada. If someone wanted a quote on their auto insurance, they walked into the house and sat at the kitchen table while they did it. Slowly, the business grew to one side porch of the farmhouse to the other (larger) side porch of the farmhouse. Eventually, a small trailer was placed next to the house and in 1979, our current office was built across the driveway.

At that time, John and Ruth's younger son Fred came into the business and worked along side of his parents. In 1995, John passed away and in 1996, Jamie (Fred's daughter) joined the business. In 2003, John and Ruth's older son Joe joined the business and went into partnership with his brother, Fred, after his retirement from Rockwell/Meritor in Kenton. Sadly, Fred passed in 2005 and Joe's daughter Laura joined the business later that year. In 2015, Joe decided to try retiring again and has had limited success. Jamie and Laura, cousins and granddaughters of John and Ruth, run the day to day operations of the agency.